Counsel/In House/Wilmington, North Carolina

Company Name:
Compliance Counsel
The candidate will provide legal support to global nuclear energy businesses and serve as the compliance program leader for these global businesses. Will provide legal advice relating to potential compliance issues, involving federal, state and local law. Lead projects and initiatives with broad scope and high impact to the business. Function as a key member of the company Legal and Compliance (L&C) Organization. Serve as the compliance leader responsible for managing company?s Compliance Program. Provide compliance-related legal advice and oversight in support of business operations, including in such compliance areas as Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), export control, antitrust, conflicts of interest, and doing business with governments and other third parties. Serve as primary L&C interface with the company enterprise risk management (ERM) leader and actively engage in ERM process(es). Leverage compliance background and expertise to enhance overall risk profile and risk mitigation strategies for the business. Proactively identify and analyze compliance risks, and provide legal advice and otherwise support the development of risk mitigation and/or corrective action plans, as appropriate, in coordination with business leaders. Investigate and resolve potential compliance issues, as they may arise, including aiding management in developing appropriate preventive and/or corrective actions. Investigate compliance-related issues as may be assigned by the company General Counsel or referred by the company Ombuds Leader, and recommend appropriate corrective actions. Prepare periodic compliance updates for the company General Counsel and other senior leaders, as appropriate; reporting/briefing responsibilities may include but are not limited to the company Nuclear Safety and Security Culture Council (NSSC), Policy and Compliance Review Board (PCRB), and Board of Directors (BOD). Implement robust company Compliance Program, including the following program elements: formalized compliance program framework; comprehensive compliance training program; annual compliance communications plan; periodic compliance policies review; and compliance surveys / assessments. Implement and oversee annual corporate Risk Roll-up and Spirit and Letter surveys. Execute role with an emphasis on the attributes of a strong nuclear safety culture.

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